At Chocolateria Isla Bella, we have worked tirelessly for ten years to create the best chocolate possible. We are a female owned and operated business, born of a mother and daughters shared love and passion for chocolate.We've roamed the corners of Mexico learning all about our amazing cacao and traveled abroad to discover all things chocolate. We are proud to source only organic fair trade cacao from Mexican family farms and create delicious, fine flavoured plant based chocolate. We have proudly represented Mexico in festivals, catered to celebrities, been highly recognized by foodies like Jeremiah Tower and Jacques Pepin, and most importantly served our amazing community of Cozumel chocolate lovers - but now we really need your help to keep making chocolate!


We have devoted our lives to this business and our passion for chocolate is not only creating the perfect chocolate, but to spread happiness. Chocolate makes the world better!  We have no intention of closing our doors permanently, but we are operating with about 5% of normal income. 


We need to raise funds to weather the pandemic  and make the necessary changes to our business in order to adapt to this new environment. 


For every $1 dollar you donate, you receive $1.50 in chocolate credit

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