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Cozumel's Craft Chocolate 

Chocolatería Mexicana Artesanal 

ubicada en el corazón de Cozumel

est 2012

proudly plant based


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Jeremiah Tower,

Chef & Customer

Just stopped by there this afternoon and I advise all to run not walk to try the Oaxaca with mezcal and the Tabasco bean to bar that has been conched 147 hours.  Smooth on the tongue as an Hermes scarf when your lover is wearing it.

Gary, Customer

I travel worldwide and these are among the best truffles I’ve experienced. They are simply outstanding!!Great quality doesn’t come cheap. So, along with great quality and taste, I have a clear conscience that the owner has sourced a supply-chain that pays a living wage to everyone.Who could ask for better than that!

Jane S, Customer

We liked the little bit we had initially so much that we went back and bought Many boxes to take home as Christmas presents. We had to buy a suitcase to carry all our stuff! Highly recommend getting some of these delicious chocolates!

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